Artist Talk: Scott Amos

NIC Artist Talk Series welcomes Scott Amos



Monkey C Interactive is the interactive work of artists David Parfit and Scott Amos. Whether it’s a strange and whimsical musical instrument like the Bubble Organ, a giant motion-responsive LED cube sculpture, a tech-house-looping mutant cash register, or a 5-story-tall musical stairwell, Monkey C Interactive’s public art installations and interactive sculptures have amused and delighted countless people in their hometown of Victoria, BC, and at numerous festivals and events. Scott's studio is full of antique radios, projectors and cash registers, reclaimed parts of forgotten technology, bits and pieces of broken old machines. If it’s got chunky buttons, beefy dials, or has the perfect glint of shiny, he’ll dissect and rewire it, adding lights and circuitry, to create the hardware for Monkey C’s interactive sculptures.


About Artist Talk Series

The NIC Artist Talk Series invites contemporary Canadian artists to speak about their professional art practice. Artists must learn how to navigate the infrastructure of the visual art world — how to develop a robust studio practice, find their own voice within arts-based research, create successful applications for grants, exhibitions and residencies, and cultivate relationships with fellow artists and curators to develop collaborative work and gallery shows. The career path of a professional artist is unique to the individual, the Artist Talks offer insight on how to navigate the various obstacles and seek opportunities.